Cheating Wife

Women often follow a common pattern in relationships that leads to cheating wives.

  • She meets a man and falls in love.
  • She marries or moves in with the man and gets, or tries to get, a commitment.
  • Normal problems occur.
  • She becomes angry and resentful, blaming her partner for all problems.
  • She loses interest in sex.
  • She is attracted to someone else.
  • She begins to cheat or commit adultery.
  • She requests time away from the marital relationship.
  • After a period of time, she ends the marriage or relationship.

Most men never suspect their wife of cheating or committing marital infidelity because of the woman’s disinterest in sex and the fact that he believes her to be “moral” (i.e.; faithful). For many men discovering a cheating wife shocks them to the core. This pattern is likely to continue as research shows that nearly as many women as men cheat or commit adultery. Over 70% of women are instigators in divorce. Why does this pattern occur?

According to research, many beliefs about women’s sexuality are wrong. Apparently, neither women nor men understand why women cheat or how to avoid it. Why, then, does marital infidelity happen? One reason may be that women, who have been in a relationship for a few years, experience a pre-midlife crisis, a crisis of boredom and unfulfilled expectations of marriage that often leads to a search for a solution. Unfortunately, many women blame their husbands for the crisis and think that another man is the solution. An affair ensues, often leading to divorce. This is not the only reason why wives cheat, but it is a major one, along with marrying too young, marrying someone the opposite in personality and life goals, and men’s midlife crises. Research continues on ways for women to avoid the pre-midlife crisis and the cheating that may follow.

Signs of a Cheating Wife or Girlfriend

Here are some of the most common signs of a cheating wife or girlfriend.

  • She is emotionally distant.
  • She buys new underwear and/or clothes.
  • She sets up a new, secret e-mail account.
  • She goes out “with the girls” and comes home hours later.
  • Her husband finds birth-control pills in the medicine cabinet and he has had a vasectomy.
  • She sets up a secret cell phone account, billed to her office or a secret credit card.
  • She joins a gym.
  • The toilet seat is up when her husband comes home.
  • She loses her wedding ring or “it wears through.”
  • She deletes all incoming phone calls from caller ID, the phone message machine, her cell messages, and her e-mail.
  • She becomes suspicious of her husband, due to her own guilt.
  • She asks what he would do if she “died.”
  • She takes the car seat and kids’ toys out of her car.
  • She has hickies or bruises on her neck or arms.
  • She stops having sex with her husband for a ridiculous reason.
  • She starts fights to get out of the house and “go to Linda’s” or the mall.
  • She took a day off, but didn’t tell her husband.
  • Her colleagues are uncomfortable around her husband.
  • She’s on the computer a lot after her husband goes to bed.
  • She’s away from home, overnight.
  • Her husband finds small items he didn’t give her.
  • She’s nervous, irritable, and loses her temper often.
  • Telephone callers hang up when her husband answers.
  • She stops paying close attention to events in the family.
  • Intuition (gut feeling) tells her husband something’s wrong.
  • Her attitude towards everyone changes.
  • She speaks very softly on the phone or hangs up quickly.
  • She is “glowing.”
  • She’s disorganized.
  • She sleeps with her purse beside the bed.
  • She criticizes her husband to others.
  • The telltale sign of a cheating wife is having to ask if she’s cheating.

Use these possible reasons and signs of a cheating wife to be aware of what is happening in the marriage, possibly adultery or infidelity. Perhaps, the marriage can be saved and much heartache avoided.

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